Teach Through Games: Hedbanz

Teach Through Games: Hedbanz

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary
Description: To play this game, each person is wearing a headband with a picture stuck in it. The other players are giving them clues about what the picture is. Points are assigned differently based on the variation of the game you are playing.
Modifications: While I have used the Hedbanz game, many teachers will tell you they’ve been playing variations of this game before it was manufactured for the money. I  usually just hold up a picture to my forehead and ask the student to give me clues. Then we trade turns. If the student is able to play the game without pictures, I will vary the game to “I’m thinking of…” In this game I will typically start with the category, such as “I’m thinking of an animal.” The student then guesses or asks for another clue. The game can progress in difficulty based on your student’s skill level. For example, for older students, you could have them guess which famous person from history in on their card.
Skills: Expressive language, LRFFC, intraverbal conversation (i.e. responding to someone asking for another clue, responding appropriately if someone guesses incorrectly,) turn-taking, building from previous information (i.e. remembering the first two clues after receiving the third clue.)
Pros: The game is easy to modify based on your student’s skill level. If you are teaching LRFFC one by one, you can test for generalization by playing this game just with mastered targets. And for parents, you can play “I’m thinking of” anywhere: in the car, while standing in line, etc.
Cons: Some students with autism or other delays will not tolerate the headband being placed on their head.
Cost: $20-$25 (depending on the version) Should I buy this? Probably not. All you need to play this game is pictures of different objects. There is no reason to spend the money for a game that you hope will evolve past the use of pictures to the “I’m thinking of…” game described in the modifications section above. (I promise it’s not just my extreme distaste for deliberately misspelled words that makes me recommend against this purchase!)
ABLLS: G13, G15, G16, G17, G23, G24, G25, G34, H7, H8, H9, H11, H12, H14, H16, H17, H18, H36, H37, J11
VB-MAPP: LRFFC 15, Intraverbal 11, Intraverbal 12, Linguistics 13

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