Teach Through Games: Creatures

Teach Through Games: Creatures

Age level: Upper elementary
Description: A card game in which players mix and match the fronts, middles, and backs of different creatures to create entirely new creatures. They then “attack” other player’s creatures. Each card is assigned a point value, and the creature with the most points wins each round.
Modifications: You can play this game without following any of the rules, just building the creatures and describing them. You can also use the cards to talk about why a creature is silly (for example, why would it be silly for a creature to have legs and have fins.) Finally, you can create an assortment of creatures to use as an activity for students to find items based on characteristics. For example, you can create multiple creatures (I created them, took pictures with my iphone, then printed them as individual cards,) lay them out in front of your student, and ask them to find the creature with fins and a beak.
Skills: Adding, comparing numbers (greater than and less than), taking turns, phonics, sequencing, higher-level tacting skills (labeling the different parts/adjectives describing the creature,) learning the concept of front, middle, and end.
Pros: The game is very attractive to kids who enjoy a little wordplay or silly pictures. For example, you may put three cards together and end up with a “Kanconha,” which would be the front of a kangaroo, the middle of an anaconda, and the end of a piranha. The image created by blending those three creatures is also entertaining for many kids I work with. It is cleverly designed.
Cons: While the rules are easy to follow, they may be a bit complex for children with difficulties following multiple steps.
Cost: $12 Should I buy this? This game is fantastic. I have yet to present it to a student who didn’t enjoy it. The game really appeals to the silly side of kids, but in an intelligent way.
ABLLS: C23, C38, C47, G5, G12, G13, G23
VB-MAPP: Tact 13, Tact 14, Intraverbal 15, Math 14

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