Teach Through Apps: Lil’ Red

Teach Through Apps: Lil’ Red

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: This ipad app is a little pricey, but really worth it. It’s a unique interactive illustration of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. While it has music and beautiful images, it does not have any words.
Modifications: I sometimes use this app for listening skills instead of for telling a story. So I may tell the student to “touch the apple” or “find the bird.” For a student functioning at a higher level, I may ask them to “find an animal” or “show me something that grows from the ground.”
Skills: Identifying problems and solutions, summarizing a story, describing pictures, tacting (labeling) items, recalling a story you’ve heard before
Pros: I love working with children on this app. Children seem to particularly enjoy the aspects that are interactive (such as touching a bird to make it fly, or touching the wolf to see what he is thinking.) It also demonstrates some of the basic skills for comprehension without requiring reading.
Cons: Some of the artistic choices are not as intuitive as I would like. You should definitely look through it on your own first so you can prepare what questions you would want to ask your particular student or child, and so you can prompt your student or child with what parts of the screen to touch to get the full “cause and effect” aspect of the app.
Cost: $3.99 (available in itunes) Should I buy this? As a teacher, I find it valuable because I use it for many students. As a parent, it really depends on how much use you will be able to get out of it. I think it is unique and interesting. Occasionally, it goes on sale, so it may be one you want to watch before shelling out four bucks for a single app.
ABLLS: C10, C14, C19, C37, C38, C39, C43, G4, G12, G15, G16, G17, G35, G40, G47, J1, J2, J3, J4, J13, J18
VB-MAPP: Tact 5, Tact 6, Listener 5, Listener 10, LRFFC 10, Intraverbal 13, Intraverbal 14, Linguistics 15

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