Teach Through Games: Red Rover

Teach Through Games: Red Rover

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: A battery-operated talking dog that tells students which bone to put in his mouth. There are two levels. The first level just requests bones by color. The second level mixes it up: requesting bones by color, shape, number, and letter.
Modifications: You can play this game a variety of ways depending on what skill you need to focus on. It can be an independent task, a turn-taking game with one or more peers, or a race for students who are more capable in their listening skills. When you know a child is already motivated by this toy, you can modify it so that some of the bones are missing/hidden and the child has to mand (or request) that bone. Depending on that student’s skill level, I may only require them to look to me when they discover it is missing; I may require they say one-three words such as “want blue bone”; or I may require them to request the missing item with a complete sentences such as “Where is the blue bone?”
Skills: Listening, following one step directions, motor skills (placing bone in the mouth, pincer grasp), taking turns, manding (refer to modifications)
Pros: The game is easily modifiable. Highly motivating for 2-4 year olds. Requires little to no adult participation, allows for independence in play. Great game for including younger siblings of students with autism or other developmental delays in play. Also great game for young students with autism to play together. I also appreciate that if the student does not hear what Rover says, they can push his nose to have him repeat the direction. I also love any game that packs away nicely. All of the bones fit in Rover’s backpack, so you’re less likely to lose pieces over time!
Cons: For students who struggle with motor skills, it can be difficult to line up the bone correctly to place it in the mouth.
Cost: $20 Should I buy this? I think this is a great purchase. It is a huge motivator for many kids, and not a game you can easily reproduce on your own.
ABLLS: A8, A10, C8, C16, C17, C24, K5, K15, Z6, Z9
VB-MAPP: Listener 5, Listener 6, VP-MTS 2, Mand 4, Mand 5, Mand 6

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