Teach Through Games: Spot It by Blue Orange

Teach Through Games: Spot It by Blue Orange

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary
Description: This is a deck of circular cards that each contain eight symbols. There are five different games you can play with the deck, all of which require matching.
Modifications: I love that this deck of cards has instructions for five different games. As of yet, I have not needed to modify any of the games, other than slowing down the pace of the game for some students. For students performing on a lower level, you can use the cards to have the student tact pictures in an array of 8.
Skills: scanning a field of 8 pictures, matching, taking turns, tacting (labeling) items quickly
Pros: Mid-elementary students tend to be very motivated by this game. The pictures are interesting to look at. The rules of the games are simple, but it is still challenging enough that it won’t be perceived as “babyish” by older elementary students.
Cons: This game can be deceptively difficult. The pictures are not the same size from card to card, so it is sometimes more challenging to find similarities. Also, some of the pictures are not easily identifiable to students who have difficult tacting novel items (i.e., a yin yang)
Cost: $14 Should I buy this? This game is definitely worth the $14. It is not easily reproducible, and it is like getting five games in one.
ABLLS: B7, C5, C17, G4, G13, G23, G24, G25, H16, H17, H18
VB-MAPP: Tact 5, Tact 6, Listener 6, VP-MTS 6, VP-MTS 8

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