Teach Through Toys: Vilac Stacking Robots

Teach Through Toys: Vilac Stacking Robots

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: This set includes nine wooden robots that you can link with each other in a variety of ways with the goal of keeping all the robots balanced. It comes with images of shapes you can try to build from the robots, with three different levels of difficulty.
Modifications: This is not a game, but an activity that is quite simple to modify depending on the skills you are teaching and the abilities of your students.
Skills: Patterns (if you have more than one set), gross motor skills, prepositions, block imitation (or structural imitation)
Pros: Many kids are highly motivated by robots, so are more likely to attempt to balance the robots.
Cons: The design of the robots frequently requires kids to place two robots simultaneously in order to maintain the balance of robots placed lower in the stack. If your student has difficulty with motor tasks, this is not an activity they will be able to complete independently, and they may become frustrated even with assistance.
Cost: $26 Should I buy this? There are a few toys on the market similar to this. Schylling Bill Ding Stacking Clowns, Haba Animal Upon Animal, and Zimbbos are all available and less expensive than the Stacking Robots. But the Stacking Robots are the ones I have used for the past four years. They are durable and typically popular with my students in preschool and early elementary. It is definitely a purchase that has been well worth my while.
ABLLS: B4, B6, B9, B12, B22, K5, Z13
VB-MAPP: VP-MTS 13, VP-MTS 15, Listener 12,  Math 13

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