Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: This game contains four puzzles that create robots. Each body part is numbered 1-5 and each robot has a tool (such as a hammer.) There is a spinner with 1-5 and tool as choices. Kids are trying to build their robot the fastest, based on what body part they land on with the spinner each turn.
Modifications: You can easily modify this game. During the set up of this game I will practice sorting skills by having students sort the body parts into groups. You can remove some of the choices (so, for example, there are only two choices for a robot head instead of four), make it just a puzzle instead of a game, remove the spinner and simply take turns building your robot, or turn it into a listening game where the students has to choose the body part you are describing. For students who are higher functioning, after we have built our robots, I will ask them what they think the functions of different robot parts are. For example, what would be the function of having three feet compared to having tractor wheels.
Skills: sorting, labeling body parts, describing how things are alike and different, taking turns, accepting losing your turn (since one of the spots on the spinner is “Lose A Turn”
Pros: You can practice several different types of skills simultaneously. Kids are typically motivated by choosing how to make their different or silly. Simple to play.
Cons: I can’t think of any cons for this game.
Cost: $20 Should I buy this? This is another game that I feel is well worth the money.
ABLLS: B14, B19, C21, C44, C46, G5, G12, G13, G22, G28, J1, J2, J3, Z4
VB-MAPP: Tact 5, Tact 11,  VP-MTS 2, VP-MTS 5, VP-MTS 7, Play 6, LRFFC 9

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