Teach Through Apps: My First App Series 1

Teach Through Apps: My First App Series 1

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: This app is perfect for helping students learn seriation (putting items in a series based on various principles such as shape, color, size, or quantity.) There are five blank squares. Underneath the squares are pictures that the child drags to the appropriate square in the series. For example, the first picture would be a flower with 1 petal, the second a flower with 2 petals, and so on.
Modifications: This app only has the option of presenting information in a field of five items. If your child/student is not ready to do five, I would suggest backwards chaining. Do this, you would put the first four items in the correct location, then have your child place the last item. Once they have mastered that, you would place the first three items, and your child would complete the last two. This would continue until your child was able to place all five items independently.
Skills: Seriation
Pros: Simple to use. I also like that you can do the same series repeatedly, but the options are presented in a different order each time. It’s amazing how few apps offer this choice!
Cons: The only con is that items are only presented in a field of five. Refer to modifications section to address this.
Cost: Free for the first two series, then $1.99 for the complete set (in-app purchase) Should I buy this? As a teacher, I use this with my preschool and early-elementary students who are struggling with visual perception skills, seriation, and/or sequencing. As a parent, it’s definitely worth it to download the free ones to see how your student does with it, or if they enjoy the activity. Based on that, you could decide if it’s worth it to pay for the additional 10 series.
VB-MAPP: VP-MTS 15, Math 12, Math 13

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  1. I can’t find this app on App Store?

    • Right now the My First App apps are only in the apple store for the iPad. They won’t work for the iPhone or any other devices.