Teach Through Books: Busy Farm

Teach Through Books: Busy Farm

Age level: Preschool
Description: This is one of three books Lego Duplo has put out that include a rhyming story with construction using Duplos. In this particular book, the story takes the reader through a farmer’s day, and the child constructs four farm animals using the included Duplos. This is targeted towards pre-school students. In this book there is no construction that contains more than four Duplos. In the other two books in the series, the largest construction is six Duplos.
Modifications: This series of books lends itself very nicely to backward or forward chaining for teaching the skill of imitating a block construction from a picture. If the learner is struggling with scanning skills, I will set out the pieces just for that picture (such as only setting out the four Duplos that create the cow) and have the learner look at the picture then find the correct Duplo. You can increase or decrease the field size based on the learner’s ability level.
Sometimes I do not bother with the story at all. Instead I will have the learner identify things that are in the picture, or sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and have the student fill-in the correct word for the animal that is pictured.
I will also use this to teach students how to mand (or request) for missing items. So I may include all the pieces for the cow except for the head, and wait for the student to request it.
Skills: Listening comprehension, block imitation, scanning, tact, song fill-in, mand (request) for missing items
Pros: I have all three books in this series, and wish there were more. I see many students with developmental disabilities who are working on imitating block constructions from a picture or from a construction made by the teacher. This is a great way to check for generalization, or to teach the skill in a different way if your learner is struggling. I also love that it connects the block construction to the story.
Cons: None of the stories in this series are too engaging. I wish there were books like this with a story that was more motivating for students.
Cost: $13.00 (Sometimes cheaper on Amazon.) Should I buy this? As a teacher, I have used this with multiple students. It would definitely be possible to create something like this on your own, but it would be time-consuming.
ABLLS: A10, B12, F9, G2, H1
VB-MAPP: VP-MTS 2, VP-MTS 5, Mand 6, Listener Responding 6, VP-MTS 6, Intraverbal 6

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