Teach Through Books: Math Art

Teach Through Books: Math Art

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary (specifically designed for grades 2, 3, and 4)
Description: This book is exactly what it sounds like: art projects centered on teaching and providing visual models of math concepts. It’s fantastic for visual learners. For each project, it includes materials needed, an introduction to the lesson, step-by-step instructions for completing the project with illustrations of each step, and an assessment. All necessary blackline masters are also included with the book.
Modifications: Individual modifications may be necessary dependent upon the project and your student’s skill level. Modifications may include hand-over-hand prompting, other physical prompts, the teacher/parent holding one item while the student manipulates it (for students with poor motor skills), or having the student imitate you as you complete each step of a sample. A major modification I’ve made with some projects included in the book is to break it up over several sessions and/or days. For example, there is an art project related to parallel and perpendicular lines that I worked on with one student for about ten minutes a day for two weeks until she completed it. It’s important to consider your student’s frustration tolerance when planning how to implement the project.
Skills: Time, Money, Addition, Fractions, Measurement, Symmetry, Place Value, Graphs, Percent, Multiplication, Division
Pros: This book includes projects that I have not seen in other places. The projects incorporated end with a permanent product that can be referred to again and again as the student learns new skills (especially because math skills build upon previously learned skills so frequently.) Moreover, for many students who may resistant to completing math work, art projects such as these increase motivation to learn the skill. Although this book is not designed for special education,  I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to have meaningful, age-appropriate art activities to help our students with special needs master math skills.
Cons: Sometimes the projects can be tedious for students with delays in gross motor skills, attention, or sequencing skills. To account for this, projects must be broken down over several sessions and/or days as mentioned in the modifications section.
Cost: $20 Should I buy this? It is a good purchase, especially if you are a teacher who will be able to use it with multiple students.
ABLLS: R18, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24

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