Teach Through Games: Chomp! by Gamewright

Teach Through Games: Chomp! by Gamewright

Age level: Early Elementary

Description: In this game modeled after the classic card game War, players “chomp” their way to the top of the food chain by collecting all the cards to win the game. Players split the deck evenly, then each plays a card into the center. The player whose card pictures an animal highest on the food chain gets to take all the cards. The game does include sequence cards so that players can easily refer to a visual reference to see who is highest on the food chain.

Skills & Modifications: The instructions for the game include two variations, which may be more appropriate depending upon your learner’s skill level and your goals for that learner. The only way I typically modify the game is by taking out “action cards” that do not involve the food chain, and may confuse students who struggle with remembering the rules of games. And as always, for games such as this that can go on for a VERY long time, I set a timer to end the game. Whoever has the most cards when the timer goes off, wins the game.

  • Sequencing – I love that this game teaches sequencing in a way that it actually applies to the real world. For older students who are still struggling with the concept of sequencing, they may be more motivated to practice the skill when it involves animals and/or a game.
  • Comparisons – While playing this game, I do a lot of comparisons for big/small to help students remember which card can chomp the other.
  • Food chain – The game is designed to teach the concept of the food chain. On one occasion, I did use the game Chomp! to have a student create her own game using a different food chain, which was a great activity for a higher-level learner.
  • Accepting Losing A Game – This is great practice for the skill of accepting losing, because there are quick rounds. So if you have a student who is struggling to accept losing a game, the skill of accepting losing a round within the game might be a good place to start.

Pros: It is difficult to find a card game that is so fun and teaches science concepts. Every student I have introduced this to has been highly motivated the game.

Cons: There are no cons! This is simple to play, easy to follow the rules, and can be played with two or more people.

Cost: $10 Should I buy this? This is a great game, and it teaches skills that I haven’t found taught in other games. You could make it on your own, but I do think it’s worth the purchase.

ABLLS: J16, K15

VB-MAPP: Listener Responding 13

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