Teach Through Books: The Big Bigger Biggest Book

Teach Through Books: The Big Bigger Biggest Book

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: This book beautifully illustrates comparisons using the suffixes -er and -est. It is not a traditional storybook. Instead, each page is a fold-out illustration. For example, one page has a firetruck with a firefighter holding a hose. It describes the hose as “long.” When you unfold the flap, the firehose has been extended and is described as “longer.” When you unfold the flap a second time, the firehose has been extended again and is described as “longest.” Each set of pages works like this to illustrate the comparisons
Modifications: There really isn’t any modification you can make to the book. What I typically do is practice the skill with objects after reading the book to extend the lesson. For students who are learning to mand (request) and are highly motivated by the book, I will use it to have them request that I “open the flap” or “turn the page.” Since the illustrations frequently show actions, it’s also a great tool for teaching young learners to tact (label) noun-verb combinations, such as “Boy diving.” It can also be used to teach prepositions as the picture changes each time a flap is unfolded. Finally, for early learners who are motivated by the book, I also use this to practice sounds, such as “What sound does the firetruck make?”
Skills: Comparisons, Picture comprehension, Manding, Tacting, Prepositions
Pros: Easy to manipulate and well structured so students can begin to see the pattern in the use of the suffixes -er and -est.
Cons: If you are working with older students who are struggling with comparisons, this book will not be age-appropriate. The oldest students I have ever used this book with have been 8-9 years old.
Cost: $14.95 Should I buy this? I think this one is a great purchase. Many children struggle with fully understanding comparisons, and it’s valuable to have materials the learner is motivated to return to again and again to gain full comprehension. There are similar books out there, so I suggest taking a look at it in person and seeing if you feel it’s something that would be motivating to your learner.
ABLLS: C45, C51, C52, F4, G2, G18, G19, G20, G21, G22, G35, J16
VB-MAPP: Mand 2, Listener Responding 5, Tact 6, Tact 9, LRFFC 9

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