Teach Through Books: Look-Alikes Around the World by Joan Steiner

Teach Through Books: Look-Alikes Around the World by Joan Steiner

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary
Description: One of a series of Look-Alikes books created by Joan Steiner, this one is particularly great for mid-elementary to upper elementary students. Steiner uses everyday objects  to create incredibly detailed three-dimensional scenes of famous landmarks from around the world. While this one is targeted at older students, but there are other books in the series designed for younger students as well. All of the books are so well done that even adults enjoy looking at them and trying to spot all the everyday objects that make up the pictured scene.
Skills & Modifications: I appreciate this book a lot because it is an age appropriate material for older students with autism, and is easily used as a tool for generating shared activities with peers or adults. While I have listed some skills below that can be practiced using the book, I also use it as a reinforcer or materials during breaks for many students.

  • Describing Pictures – Because the book is so highly motivating, it can be a great tool for having students with autism or other language delays describe pictures. I’ll ask them to be specific, such as stating in a complete sentence, “The chip is a sail on the ship.”
  • Compare & Contrast – I like to find images of the actual landmarks for the student to compare and contrast to the pictures Steiner has created.
  • Seek & Find – I will label an object that is pictured in the scene and have the learner try to find it, for example, for the picture of Holland, I would tell them to find the combs, and the learner would point to them in the blades of the windmill.
  • Art projects – For a few students, I have had them try to create their Joan Steiner-esque photo. This is very difficult and typically requires a lot of help from adults, but is a lot of fun for students who enjoy art and a little bit of visual humor.

Pros: The book is great as a shared experience. You should take a look at all the books in the series to determine which is best for you, because Steiner has done a wonderful job of targeting each book towards specific skill levels.
Cons: None.
Cost: $15.99 Should I buy this? If you have a student who loves visual activities, this is a fantastic buy.
ABLLS: C43, G4, H43

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