Teach Through Games: Sumoku by Blue Orange

Teach Through Games: Sumoku by Blue Orange

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary

Description: Arrange your tiles in a crossword-style pattern so that each row and column adds up to a multiple of the “key number” determined by a roll of the dice. This a great game for practicing and expanding on multiplication skills.

Skills & Modifications: Based on materials alone, there is a great number of tasks you could practice with this game. Below I have listed what I have used it for in the past. It should be noted that I rarely use the game as intended because very few of my students are at a level in which they are able to multiply or understand the concept of multiples.

  • Multiplication – The game is designed to arrange numbers in rows that add up to a multiple of the “key number” which determined by rolling the dice.
  • Addition – For many students, I do not use the dice provided in this game. Instead, I will write a number down, such as 12. They must use the tiles in front of them to come up with as many number sentences as they can that add up to 12.
  • Skip-Counting – When student are first learning how to skip count, I may use this as a simple manipulative. For example, I would pull out all the 3 tiles, then have the student touch each tile as he/she counts by threes.
  • Listener Responding – These tiles are also great for practicing listener skills that require two components, because each tile has a different color. For example, I could ask the student to find a green five, or to give me two yellow eights.
  • Comparing Numbers – My students are motivated by these colorful tiles, which can be used for a quick greater than/less than activity.

Pros: It’s a small game, great for traveling with. I appreciate that these materials look more age-appropriate for older learners who still need practice with low-level skills.

Cons: This is definitely not a game that should be used to introduce new skills as it may require too many prompts for the student to play independently without frustration.

Cost: $16.99 Should I buy this? As a teacher, I think these are fun manipulatives to have. Students are motivated by the colorful tiles.

ABLLS: R6, R25, R26, R27, R28

VB-MAPP: Math 11, Math 12, Math 15

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