Teach Through Books: Press Here by Herve Tullet

Teach Through Books: Press Here by Herve Tullet

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: Students are encouraged to touch colorful dots in this book, then see what happens when they turn the page. This book is whimsical, humorous, and interactive. It is beautifully done and establishes clear cause and effect relationships between what the reader does and how the dots respond on the next page.

Skills & Modifications: This book requires few modifications, if any. Some students may be able to read it to themselves, but I almost always read it to them and allow them to engage with the book physically by tapping, shaking, etc. For two students, I have had them read it to practice basic reading comprehension.

  • Listener Responding – This is a great book for having a student follow directions. The student is quickly reinforce by turning the page and seeing what happened as a result of their actions.
  • Cause & Effect –  I love that this book creates a cause and effect relationship between the reader and the book itself.
  • Making Predictions – Because this book is so well done in showing cause and effect relationships, it is fun for kids to predict what might happen on the next page after they’ve tapped a dot, rubbed a dot, shaken the book, etc.
  • Left/Right – There are a couple of pages within the book that require knowledge of or allow you to demonstrate the difference between left and right. This is a great way to practice the concept if your student is motivated by the book.
  • Isolation of Index Finger – If one of you’re student’s goals is to isolate digits and/or point with the index finger, this may be a great tool for motivating them to practice the skill.
  • Counting – Many of the directions within the book call for counting an action, such as tap the dot five times or clap three times.
  • Color Identification – The book only shows red, blue, and yellow. The repetition is great practice for students who are generalizing tacting of colors.
  • Patterns – One page of the book shows a pattern formed by three different colors. Two dots are mixed up, and the student has to find the mistake. It’s a nice way to practice

Pros: The book practices a variety of skills in a simple, yet motivating way. Many of the students I read it with can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next.

Cons: I don’t have any cons for this book.

The App: There is also an app called Press Here ($1.99) that uses the same blue, yellow, and red dots. However, I would not recommend it. The app has many games that allow for manipulation of the dots, but in a much less engaging and whimsical way. This is an example of how a book accomplishes an interactive task in a much better way than an app.

Cost: $15.99 Should I buy this? I absolutely adore this book. It is not a purchase you’ll regret.

ABLLS: coming soon

VB-MAPP: coming soon

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