7 Reasons You Should Take Get iPad Prepared webinar!

7 Reasons You Should Take Get iPad Prepared webinar!

I’m always looking for more information to help teachers understand the best ways to use the iPad, so I was pretty excited to discover that Sophia.org has a free webinar available called Get iPad Prepared.

I just completed all four segments, and must say that I was surprised by how much great content the webinar contains. It is the most valuable iPad training I have seen to date. Here are seven reasons that it’s definitely worth your time to sign up.

  1. It includes great documents for tracking student progress and setting goals, all available for free.
  2. It demonstrates a clearly defined Integration Cycle for integrating the iPad into the classroom. I love that this is focused on THOUGHTFUL implementation!
  3. The presenter, Angie Kalthoff, is highly organized and clearly shows how she organizes information for her students before the iPad is even in their hands.
  4. It includes lots of great links to other resources.
  5. She uses an iPad rubric. In this previous post, I discussed the one question you should ask yourself before implementing use of the iPad. Kalthoff’s approach uses an iPad rubric to determine if the app is appropriate for her student.
  6. It demonstrates multiple apps that can help with managing information AND managing behavior in the classroom.
  7. You can complete all segments in less than one hour.
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