Teach Through Apps: Motion Math Zoom

Teach Through Apps: Motion Math Zoom

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary

Description: First I should say that Motion Math puts out great apps, and it should be added to my list of app developers you can trust. This particular app is one I have used with a variety of students since I first got my iPad. It takes number lines to a whole new level in that it uses the interactive potential of the iPad in a way that increases a child’s understanding of the number line while also being a lot of fun to engage with. Students use the pinch gesture on the iPad to navigate through animals that represent numbers in relation to one another, from dinosaurs in the thousands to amoebas in the thousandths.

Skills & Modifications: The app is structured in such a way that you don’t really need to make modifications. There is a range of levels you can choose from, so this is a great tool for teaching students who are just being introduced to the number line, as well as for students who are working with comparing very large numbers or decimals. If a student is not responding, the app provides a visual prompt. If the student still does not respond, the app provides the same visual prompt paired with an auditory prompt. If you choose the appropriate level, the student should be able to interact with the game independently because it is intuitive AND uses these prompts when necessary.

  • Number Order – This is a number line game, so number order is really the main focus.
  • Comparing Numbers – While this is not an app for practicing comparing numbers in terms of greater than or less than, I love the way it uses the animals to provide concrete representations of numbers in relation to one another. It’s not a direct skill you might teach, but helps a child make more sense of abstract concepts.

Pros: It’s very easy to use to meet your students’ needs. Students are engaged with the design of the product. It is one of those rare instances where I think the interactive digital number line is actually much better than teaching it with paper and pencil. Finally, in discussing apps here at TeachThrough, a common theme has been that teachers are frequently happier with an app that does one thing very well instead of an app that does many things adequately.

Cons: NONE

Cost: Free for 3 levels, $4.99 for all 24 levels. Should I buy this? Yes!

ABLLS: coming soon

VB-MAPP: coming soon

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  1. Work is being done to improve Motion Math Zoom.

    If you could add functionality to this game, what would it be and why?
    If students were playing this game at a station in your classroom, what type of written formative assessment would you use to measure student learning/understanding?

    Thanks, Evan