Teach Through Apps: Whose Toes Are Those?

Teach Through Apps: Whose Toes Are Those?

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: This app is designed in the style of an old school gameshow, complete with a charismatic announcer and a whats-behind-that-curtain aspect. Each screen lifts the curtain a little bit so the learner can see the feet of an animal. Then three choices represented by animal’s heads pop up on the screen, as you can see pictured below on the left. The learner taps the head that belongs with the toes. If they get it correct, the curtain lifts, music plays, and the animal dances, as pictured below on the right. If the they get it incorrect, the announcer says “It’s not that one,” then the field is reduced so the learner chooses the correct match.

WhoseToes2 WhoseToes3

Skills & Modifications: This app is very focused on a particular skill and does it well. I have never made any modifications to this app. It’s intuitive, engaging, and reinforcing for the desired behaviors. It should be noted that I do not use this app to teach skills. Instead, it is usually an option for a break or for reinforcement. The learner is having fun, while I also have another avenue for generalization and maintenance of the skills listed below.

  • Scanning – The app requires that the learner scan a field of three items before choosing the correct response. This can be a great game for generalizing or maintaining the skill.
  • Matching/Identifying an object by its parts – The focus is to match parts of an animal correctly. For some learners with autism, this may be difficult if they have not yet learned how to identify an animal or item based on seeing only a part of it. This is another skill that can be generalized and maintained with this app.

Pros: Many apps out there unintentionally use reinforcing sounds or images for an incorrect answer, so learners with autism end up repeating incorrect answers on purpose because they love the sound it makes. With this app, an incorrect answer leads to simple redirection and the learners I have used it with are highly motivated to find the correct answer.

Cons: The only con I have is that I wish there were more animals in the game. But how can I really complain about a free app?

Cost: free You should invest in this app if: you are working with young learners, you are seeking materials for reinforcement.

ABLLS: A10, B16, C2, C44


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