4 Kickstarter Games You Should Know About

4 Kickstarter Games You Should Know About

Looking to turn your dining room table into a city being attacked by monsters? Or seeking ways to teach your six year old the fundamentals of computer programming? Why not start with a board game? Below are four games that are being developed independently, then crowdfunded on Kickstarter. I’m dying to try them out with my students!

Smash Monster Rampage – Created by Phillip Kilcrease at 5th Street Games:  First of all, it has monsters, skyscrapers, fire, tanks,  and helicopters. I don’t think I need to say more, but I will just in case you aren’t sold yet. This is a cooperative game in which players work together to take down a monster that is wreaking havoc on your city. Expansion packs have already been created, allowing for playing the game multiple times with increased motivation as new cards are introduced. Finally, it’s a well organized game that can be used to practice a wide variety of skills in a format that is highly motivating to learners. I am dying to try this out with my students. (5 days remaining to back this project)


Photo of prototype from Kickstarter page. (These are not the final pieces.)

Robot Turtles: The Game for Little Programmers – Created by Dan Shapiro:  Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about learners with autism and other developmental delays, and how we (as educators) are doing at developing hobbies and potential work skills early on in their education. So the concept of this game caught my eye pretty quickly. What I love about this game is that it’s a simple board game for 3-8 year olds that also happens to teach the fundamentals of programming. It’s a brilliant idea, and I just can’t get enough of any game that leads to further activities and exploration. (3 days remaining to back this project)


Photo from Robot Turtles Kickstarter page.

Go Animal: A Location Aware Android and iPhone Game – Created by Thomas McFarland:  This is a brilliant use for smart phone technology, turning your city into the boardgame. In this game, you split into teams and try to capture territory within your city. It’s a great use of maps, GPS, and team skills. This is a fantastic tool for getting learners out and about in the city, and involving family and peers. It’d also be great to use within schools.  I would love to see this in NYC.  (11 days remaining to back this project)


Image from Go Animal Kickstarter page.

Playout: The Game – The Exercise Card Game – Created by Eddie Kovel, Sarah Fisher, and Alex Mann:   For older learners with autism, health and exercise are frequently major concerns. I love the idea of turning exercise into a game. And the great thing about a card game such as this one, is that it is relatively easy to modify. If you have a learner who cannot complete some of the tasks within the game, you can easily remove those cards.  There’s also an app version for learners who are more motivated by smart phone and other such devices. (30 days remaining to back this project)



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