High-Interest Friday #1: Underwater Sculpture

High-Interest Friday #1: Underwater Sculpture

In working with middle school and high school learners with autism and other developmental delays, it is frequently a struggle to find high-interest materials that can engage the learner at his/her skill level. Every Friday, we’ll take a look at one source of high-interest materials that can be used with learners with low-level skills.

Today’s high-interest material is actually a website showing the work of Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculptor who specializes in creating underwater art. It is incredibly unique because he creates his sculptures with the idea that they will become part of a reef and transform without his ever touching them. Both of the photos featured on today’s post are shown on Taylor’s website: www.underwatersculpture.com.

It should be noted that some learners may be uncomfortable or become upset with some aspects of Taylor’s work.  Just like any materials you present to learners, it’s not for everyone! However, for some learners it may be fascinating and prove to be a great source for practicing basic skills. I have used photos of Taylor’s work as a source for practicing conversation skills with learners ten and older who have an interest in art and/or the ocean. The photos on his website are captivating, and I’ve had success with helping learners to practice the following conversation skills:

  • staying on topic
  • asking questions related to the subject
  • responding to questions about an object
  • trading turns speaking

If you use the photos with any of your learners, please share how it goes it in the comments section!



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