iPad Accessibility Features – Vine Demonstrations

iPad Accessibility Features – Vine Demonstrations

There are two features I frequently use when working with learners with special needs. The first is locking the screen so the learner is not able to rotate it. Click here to see my Vine video demonstrating how to lock the screen rotation. This is a great feature if you have a learner who continually rotates the iPad to watch the screen move!

The second accessibility feature I use frequently is locking the app once it is open. This allows me to control what apps the learner is using, and prevents the learner from going back and forth between apps. Once you have activated Guided Access as shown in the Vine below, you just triple click your home button to turn it on when you’ve opened the app. When you’re ready to move to another app, you triple click the home button again to unlock. You’ll see that you have the option to password protect Guided Access. This means that to unlock it, you’d have to enter in the four-digit code you’ve created. Click here to view the Vine demonstration.


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