Aha! Brainteaser Kit

Aha! Brainteaser Kit

Age level: Upper Elementary, Middle School

Description: This kit includes 8 brainteasers. Each comes with an object card and 3 hints cards, making this a great tool for individual activities, team activities, or center activities within the classroom. The game also includes great tips for having a classroom “Brainteaser of the Week,” throwing a Brainteaser Party, and creating a Brainteaser Corner in your classroom.

Skills & Modifications: The game also includes a short summary about the inventor of each puzzle. My students with autism who are highly motivated by facts and history were excited about this information. I was able to use the summary as a reinforcer for completing the puzzle.

– Problem Solving /Accepting Mistakes & Errors – The kit is designed to have learners practice the strategies of problem solving, including trial and error. Many of my learners who struggle with accepting mistakes and errors practice it well with this kit because they understand it is a part of the activity.

– Logical Thinking/Spatial Skills – Each puzzle requires the learner to use logical thinking and spatial skills to solve the problem. It’s also beneficial that there are eight different puzzles so the learner has access to a variety of practice in these areas.

– Teamwork – These materials lend themselves well to having learners work together to solve each puzzle. Some learners with autism may need prompts to attend to their teammates attempts to solve the puzzle.

Pros: The puzzles work well with learners with autism because the learner can choose when he/she needs a prompt. It makes it easier for learner to be involved in age-appropriate activities and materials.


The Pack It In puzzle, with the hints available if the learner needs them.

Cons: If you work one-to-one, this is probably not the set for you. But if you’re a classroom teacher it’s a fantastic resource.

Cost: $24.95  You should invest in this game if: you are a classroom teacher, you are working on logical thinking skills, or you have a learner who is highly motivated by visual-spatial puzzles or activities.

ABLLS: A19, L24, L25


**Aha! Brainteaser Kit  was provided to me for free by the company ThinkFun to write about here at Teach Through. This did not influence my opinions on the game. The thoughts and ideas above are all my own.

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