Welcome to Idioms Week!

Welcome to Idioms Week!

Age level: Early Elementary

Description: It’s Idioms Week here at the blog! Today we’re looking at a matching game you can create yourself. This is a fun way to practice idioms, especially if you use the illustrations I’ve linked to below. All the images I use for my idioms match game actually come from the Kaplan International blog. They show great illustrations of a variety of idioms and categorize them as well. This way you can compile all images into one large matching game or you can make smaller category-based matching games. Here are the some of the categories you can currently find on their blog: weather, color, animals, food, happiness, money,  the body, time, love, being quiet, and using the word jump.

To set up the game, you should create a set of cards. In this matching game, a match consists of one card showing the definition of the idiom and a second card with the idiom and it’s illustration. Below is an illustration of a correct match:



Skills & Modifications: There are multiple ways to modify this game. One is to just use it to practice idioms the learner has been exposed to. The second is to add new idioms and help the learner through the process of elimination based on the cards available in the matching game. Finally, you can use the cards to work on teamwork as described below.

– Idioms – The game is designed to practice defining or receptively understanding different idioms.

– Matching – This is a higher level matching game since the card pairs are not identical to one another.

– Abstract Thinking – Learners are required to think abstractly rather than use a literal interpration of each idiom. The illustrations can help with this process.

– Teamwork – Since the Kaplan International blog already divides the idioms by category, it is very easy to assign pairs or small groups of learners one category of idiom and use this for a jigsaw activity. The learners in each group can work together to create a visual project, summary, or act out the idioms when it’s time to share what they’ve learned with the whole group.

Pros: This is very easy to make, and if you laminate your cards will also last for a long time.

Cons: None! You can’t beat a game that is free and fun!

Cost: Free! You should invest in this game if: if you’re working on idioms, if you’re seeking ways to have learners practice idioms independently or in small groups, or if you’re looking for a lightweight game to pack for a trip.


VB-MAPP: VP-MTS 12, Classroom Routine & Group Skills 15

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