High Interest Friday #3 – Animal Idioms Song

High Interest Friday #3 – Animal Idioms Song

In working with middle school and high school learners with autism and other developmental delays, it is frequently a struggle to find high-interest materials that can engage the learner at his/her skill level. Every Friday, we take a look at one source of high-interest materials that can be used with learners with low-level skills.

We’ve been talking about different tools for teaching idioms all week long. We’ve looked at books, cards, and websites; so I figured it was time for a song.

This song is a parody of a Black Eyed Peas song created by high school students. As you can see by the title, it’s focused on animal idioms. I love using music in my lessons whenever possible. This could be used to introduce the lesson, just to have playing during lunch or other breaks, or as an extension to the lesson with an assignment for learners to create their own song.

As usual, please share how you use this with your learners! Enjoy!

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