Teach Through Apps: SoundTouch

Teach Through Apps: SoundTouch

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: This intuitive app helps learners practice a variety of skills related to six categories: farm animals, zoo animals, birds, vehicles, instruments, and household items. It’s available in 32 languages and can be accessed on the iPad or the iPhone. My favorite aspect of this app is that each item featured contains multiple images and a full range of the potential sounds it might make. For example, the boat shows an image and sound for a sailboat, motorboat, cruiseship, etc.


Each time the child selects the duck from the array of animals, a different duck image and sound appears.

Skills & Modifications: Apps are typically difficult to modify. This one is very straightforward and can be used to practice the skills listed below.

– Scanning – Each category brings up a page of 12 items organized in four rows of three.

– Tacting – For learners who are motivated by sounds, I point to an item on the screen. When the learner correctly tacts (or labels) the item, he/she gets to touch the item to hear the sound.

Sound Recognition – I love using this app to play a “Guess that sound” game with my students. I hide the screen of the iPad from the student, touch one of the items so the student can hear the sound, and let them guess. When they guess the correct answer, they get a turn to choose a sound to have me guess.

– Categories/Class – This is a simple way to maintain the skill of recognizing categories or classes of items. You can either hold up a screen with a category showing and ask the learner to identify the category, or show the learner the screen and ask them to choose a specific category (such as vehicles) and press the correct image for that category to show on the full screen.

– Feature – You can also practice this skill by having a student touch an item based on clues you provide “Such as touch the animal that is pink and says ‘oink.’”

Pros:  The fact that this app shows multiple images and sounds for each item is a huge pro!

Cons: This is one of those apps that is so well-designed I wish there were more categories!

Cost: $3.99 You should invest in this app if: you are working on sound recognition with young learners or you have a preschooler who is highly motivated by sounds.

ABLLS: A10, Cfive, C19, C47, C48, C49, G4, G16, G17

VB-MAPP: Tact 5, Listener Responding 5

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