Favorite Discoveries of the Week 11/10-11/16

Favorite Discoveries of the Week 11/10-11/16

One important aspect of Applied Behavior Analysis is understanding motivation. When I am making choices for what and how to teach my students, I am always seeking high interest materials that will grab the student’s attention and make them more available for learning. Each week I’ll share some of my favorite lesson plans and resources that have come my way. 

Poster Origami – These unique posters can be turned into lamp shades and more with just a few folds of the paper! I love the unique quality of this idea and think it would be a fun activity for students. This is also great for learners with autism because it challenges their perception and requires them to think flexibly about the possibilities for creation from a single piece of paper.


What if the moon were as close to Earth as the International Space Station? – This is a great visual representation of distance and perception. The photos are absolutely stunning. This site has also done some other fictional skylines (such as this one showing what it would look like if  Earth had rings like Saturn.) A few of my students are fascinated by space, so this would be a great tool for encouraging conversation, flexible thinking, discussing different aspects of math such as measuring and comparing distances, or discussing different aspects of science such as the impact of having the moon so close to the Earth.

Stick-lets – Christina Kazakia has designed these flexible silicone connectors to provide different possibilities for learners constructing things out of wood. The stick-lets are color-coded, and each color has a different design and purpose. I love the open-ended nature of this product, the clear and thoughtful design, and the possibility for creating outdoors. Stick-lets are high on my list of items I’m dying to try to with my students.

sticklets1 sticklets2

Literacy for All Learners – This is a comprehensive list of resources for making reading accessible for ALL disabilities and for ALL levels of reading and writing. There’s a ton of info here, but it’s well-categorized and should make it easier to find materials to meet the needs of your particular learners.

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