Favorite Discoveries of the Week 11/17-11/23

Favorite Discoveries of the Week 11/17-11/23

One important aspect of Applied Behavior Analysis is understanding motivation. When I am making choices for what and how to teach my students, I am always seeking high interest materials that will grab the student’s attention and make them more available for learning. Each week I’ll share some of my favorite lesson plans and resources that have come my way. 

 Free Printable Board Game Templates – This fantastic link provides templates for creating your own games based on Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, Checkers or Chess, Candy Land, Sorry, Trouble, and more. It’s a fantastic resource for creating a game to meet your particular learner’s needs or to practice specific skills or facts based on a current subject of study.

butterflyabcThe Entire Alphabet, Photographed on Butterfly Wings – What can I say other than this is a unique and beautiful look at nature, and a fun way to illustrate letters for your learners.

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