Holiday Gift Guide: Part One

Holiday Gift Guide: Part One

Several of my students are in constant motion. Instead of fighting their need to move, I try to incorporate it into games and activities whenever possible. Below are some ideas for gifts for those kids that can’t seem to sit down.


Book: Pete’s A Pizza (Preschool) – Take a look at this post to see how you can adapt this book to a physical activity for your learner.


Roll and Play (Preschool & Kindergarten) – From the large plush cube to the activity cards, I love every aspect of this game.


I Can Do That (Preschool – First Grade) – There are two versions of this game: a full board game and a simpler card game. Both are fantastic and require lots of fun and silly movement that will get the whole family laughing.


Red Rover (Preschool – 2nd Grade) – Children frequently get a kick out of this talking dog who gives them instructions to find specific bones. With two levels of play, this game suits a wide age-range of learners.


Dr Suess ABC Super Stretchy Game (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) – This Twister-esque game helps learners with alphabet skills with lots of giggles over the silly positions they find themselves in.


Sandwich Stacking Game (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) – Including instructions for a variety of games, these materials bring out kids’ silly sides and provide lots of opportunities for movement.


Activity Mats (Preschool – 6th Grade) – There are a variety of activity mats available that can meet your learner’s specific skill set and get them moving around.


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