Holiday Gift Guide: Part Five

Holiday Gift Guide: Part Five


Colors, patterns, matching, and more… Here are a few favorites for my students who love visual activities.


Hiss (Preschool – 2nd grade) – This unique matching game is fun for kids that love color and matching, as well as those motivated by animals and/or snakes.


Blink (Kindergarten – Fourth Grade) – For kids that love colors, counting, and patterns this is a fun and easy card game the whole family can enjoy.


Spot It (Second grade – Sixth Grade) – This simple game is more challenging than it appears and very popular with many of my students.


Look-Alikes Around the World (Preschool – Sixth Grade, depending on version you purchase) – The Look-Alikes series is beautifully done and a fun activity for kids who love visual puzzles.


Swish or Swish Jr (Kindergarten – High School, depending on version you purchase) – This unique game is beautifully designed and offers an unusual take on visual puzzles.


Terzetto (Fourth Grade – Middle School) – A great option for kids who love finding patterns, this game gets progressively more difficult as each player tries to place all his marbles.


Iota (Fourth Grade – High School) – This game is challenging for older learners who are highly motivated by visual activities.


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