Favorite Discoveries of the Week 12/1-12/7

Favorite Discoveries of the Week 12/1-12/7

One important aspect of Applied Behavior Analysis is understanding motivation. When I am making choices for what and how to teach my students, I am always seeking high interest materials that will grab the student’s attention and make them more available for learning. Each week I’ll share some of my favorite lesson plans and resources that have come my way. 

Science History Rap Battle with 7th Graders – This is an amazing retelling of the history between Watson & Crick and Rosalind Franklin.

Function World – A fresh take on function, this series of cartoons shows math with clearly illustrated amusement park rides.

Designs for Great Architectural Landmarks that Were Never Built – Have your learners ever considered what the White House might look like if it had been designed by someone else? Or the Eiffel Tower?



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