Teach Through Books: Ed Emberley’s Picture Pie

Teach Through Books: Ed Emberley’s Picture Pie

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary

Description: Picture Pie is just one in a series of motivating art books created by Ed Emberley. In Picture Pie, a stencil is included that allows learners to use six simple shapes to follow step-by-step instruction to create animals, trains, and more.

Skills & Modifications: For most of my students, this activity requires that I do one or more steps for them. For example, for some learners I cut the shapes out before I introduce it to them, then I focus on just one or two of the skills listed below.

– Art Projects – I love the Ed Emberley books because they provide lots of practice of fine motor and math skills through art.

– Shapes – To create each creature, the learner must identify the shapes needed, find each shape on the stencil, and use the stencil to trace each shape.

– Recognizing Left & Right – For some students, I use these activities to have learners follow directions using the words “left” and “right.”

– Imitation Skills – For some learners, I will make a creature based on the instructions in the book and I’ll have him/her copy my work as I’m creating.

– Symmetry – Many of the creatures in this book are made using symmetry. For learners motivated by the activity, it’s a great way to have them practice the skill.

– Tracing – The stencil included in the book provides lots of opportunity for learners to practice tracing.

– Body Parts Identification – This book creates multiple opportunities for labeling body parts of different animals.

– Sequencing – For some learners, this is an age appropriate and interesting way to follow a sequence in reading instructions during independent work.

– Cutting – If your learner is motivated to make the creatures featured in this book, then it’s a great opportunity to practice skills with scissors.

– Prepositions – For some learners, I’ll provide verbal directions that include prepositions. For example, I’ll say “Put the circle below the square.”

Pros: Ed Emberley has multiple books available, so there are many opportunities to meet your learner at his/her skill level and find subject matter that is motivating for him/her.

Cons: There are multiple steps involved in creating each picture, so many learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders may be unable to complete the activities independently.

Cost: $9.99 You should invest in this activity if: your learner is highly motivated by art, you are a teacher looking for activities that allow older students to practice lower level skills in an age-appropriate manner, or your learner is interested in animals.

ABLLS: S2, S3, Z12, Z20, Z21, Z22, Z27

VB-MAPP: Tact 12, Tact 13, Listener Responding 11, Listener Respongind 12, VP-MTS 11, VP-MTS 13, Writing 12

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