Teach Through Apps: Ed Emberley’s Shake & Make

Teach Through Apps: Ed Emberley’s Shake & Make

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: Night & Day Studios has teamed up with Ed Emberley to create a whimsical puzzle game for young learners. The learner chooses a picture, studies it, then shakes the iPhone or iPod touch to make the pieces of the image fall. A timer starts and the learner must recreate the image as quickly as possible.

shakeandmakeSkills & Modifications: There are visual and language skills that can be practiced using this app. The only modificaiton I make with some learners is to recreate part of the image for them, then allow them to complete it.

– Spatial Reasoning/Spatial Skills – The app requires learners to remember where each part of the image was and place it correctly. It also requires them to remember where different parts of the image were in relation to other parts.

– Quick Responding – The app allows for the learner to study the image for as long as he/she wants, but then only allows learners 60 seconds to recreate the image. One of my favorite parts about this app is that the learner is able to decide when the timer is set, as the countdown begins as soon as he/she shakes the iPhone.

– Shape Identification – You can work on shape identification by requesting that the learner place a specific shape.


– Tacting (Labeling) – As learners recreate the image, there are many opportunities to tact shapes, colors, and body parts.

Pros: This is a fun, quick activity to practice identifying shapes.

Cons: None.

Ideas for extending the lesson: Completing activities from one of the Ed Emberley books is a great extension for the skills practiced with this app.

Cost: $0.99 You should invest in this app if: you have a learner who enjoys puzzles and visual challenges or you are seeking fun activities for practicing visual skills.

ABLLS: B20, C21, C23, G5, G12

VB-MAPP: Tact 6, Listener Responding 6, Tact 13

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