ABA Bookshelf: From Emotions to Advocacy by Pam Wright & Pete Wright

ABA Bookshelf: From Emotions to Advocacy by Pam Wright & Pete Wright

from emotions to advocacyWhile this is not an ABA text, I have found this book from Wrightslaw to be an essential guide for parents who are grappling with the special education system for the first time. The book clearly outlines the rights afforded to individuals with disabilities in the United States.

Chapter Two lays out the steps to creating a “Master Plan” for providing an appropriate education for your child. I’ve helped every family I’ve worked with put together the five elements of the master plan as described in the book. I’ve found that it helps parents to focus on essential needs and make decisions more easily and constructively. In a system that can be incredibly overwhelming for both parents and educators, it’s wonderful to be able to provide clear suggestions and expectations as parents navigate through the system.

While I find Chapter Two to be valuable for parents who are new to the system or who have been involved with special education for many years, the book provides a wealth of additional information including a breakdown of different laws related to special education, organizing documents, and making the most of meetings.

As I mentioned, this is not an ABA book, but it has been essential in my practice as an ABA therapist. At the end of the day, providing this book as a resource follows the principles of behavioral technologies: breaking down complex processes into smaller steps, teaching parents and guardians how to behave both in writing and in person, and allowing for access to reinforcement in terms of providing appropriate services for their children.

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