Great tip from a reader

Great tip from a reader

Earlier this week I posted Strategies for Using the iPad Functionally at Home. A reader posted great information about an iPad feature that allows you to limit the amount of time a child has access to an app. It’s a great feature for use both at home in the classroom. Take a look below at how to activate it.

1) Open your Clock app, which is standard on all iPads and iPhones.

Open your "Clock" app, which comes standards on iPads and iPhones.


2) Click on the ring tone menu (it will be labelled with whatever your current ring tone is.) Scroll to the bottom and select “Stop Playing.”

photo 2 (13)


3) Set the timer for the amount of time your learner is allowed to play with an app. Here I have set the timer for two minutes.

photo (32)


4) Allow the learner to play the app (the one pictured below is Gozoa.) This also works with music apps if your learner is motivated by music.

photo 1 (1)


5) Once the time is up, the app will immediately close and return to this screen. If you have a passcode set, it will prompt the learner to enter the passcode to continue play.

photo 3 (6)

These simple steps can add structure to iPad use and make it much easier for both parents and teachers to monitor use without having to physically remove the iPad from the learner’s hands. The same feature is also available on the iPhone.

Thank you, Elisa, for a great suggestion!

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