Best Games for When You’re on the Road

Best Games for When You’re on the Road

Keeping kids entertained during travel can be quite challenging. There are a few games you may consider packing the next time you have a long car trip or flight planned. And please share any of your favorite games for travel in the comments section!

photo 3 (9)Last Mouse Lost – Why is this such a great travel game? Because there are no pieces to drop or lose! The whole game is contained on this rubber disc. Plus, as soon as the winner is proclaimed, just flip the disc over and you’re ready to play again. For more info on how I use this game with my students, click here. Also, you can’t beat the price tag, just $7.99!



photo 2 (42)Rubberneckers – There are three different editions of this fun travel game, including one for car trips and another for flights. Each game has players looking for different items to win points. The travel game for car trips includes “Share the Road” cards such as “Make a pumping motion to get a truck driver to beep the truck’s air horns” or “get a person in another vehicle to wave.”

Some examples of the cards included in Rubberneckers.

Some examples of the cards included in Rubberneckers.


overunder2Over/Under – While this is marketed as a party game, it’s also excellent for a road trip. In this game, players take turns being the “Question Master.” The Question Master selects a question from one card, such as “What percentage of the US population was born on leap day?” or “How tall is the Statue of Liberty (in feet)?” Then all the other players decide as a group which number they think comes closest to the actual answer. The Question Master then decides if the answer is “over” (too high), under” (lower) or “spot on” (exactly correct.) When played as designed, the Question Master gets to keep the card if he/she is correct. The goal is to collect the most cards. If playing it in the car, you can choose to just play for fun without taking score, or have one person keep score so you don’t have to worry about stacks of cards being dropped or lost.


spotitontheroadSpot It! On the Road – I love the Spot It! decks, and this one features an extra game of Travel Bingo. The kids can play it in the backseat, but they can also play one of the other games described in the instructions once you’re at your final destination. I love that this little deck of cards provides so many opportunities for family play on the road, at home, anywhere!



Fortunately/Unfortunately – This is a twist on storytelling that requires no materials and can get all passengers engaged. In this game, players take turns sharing statements about a group-created story. But, the statements must alternate between starting with “Fortunately” and “Unfortunately.” For example, one person might start the story with, “Unfortunately, all the ice cream in (destination town/city) melted.” The next player could say, “Fortunately, we brought our melted-ice cream canoe and we have giant spoons for paddles.” It’s a fun way to tell a story while simultaneously (and secretly) working on cause-and-effect and problem solving!


songquizSong Quiz – This iOS game is like “Name that Tune,” but it uses the music from your own library. It’s a fun way to get the whole car involved in play, while also hearing snippets of songs you may not have listened to for a very long time. It’s $2.99, well worth the price because it’s one of the better apps of its kind. There are similar apps for all devices, so if you don’t have an apple product you can definitely find a similar game for your device.



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  1. Games are great way to survive with kids on road trip. Love the games ideas especially I would ove to try theRubberneckers .Thanks!