Teach Through Games: Funny Frog Games

Teach Through Games: Funny Frog Games

Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: Four plush frogs + one spinner + nine lily pads equals 10 great games to get kids moving while they learn. The materials include instructions for 10 different games that can be played with just one player or up to ten players. The materials are high quality, and many of my learners are highly motivated by the opportunity for movement as well as by the plush frogs included in the game. Funny Frog Games is just one of the games in Melissa & Doug’s Get Up & Go series, a set of games that I love but is not as popular as many of their other products. This series includes The Sandwich Stacking Game, which I reviewed here last year, and Puppy Pursuit which I haven’t tried out yet. 

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Skills & Modifications: I have not modified any of the games when playing with learners with autism or other developmental delays. Instead, I pick the game from the instruction booklet that matches my learner’s current skill level and/or target skills.

Color Identification – Many of the games practice color recognition skills. Each frog is a different color and the lily pads have different colored flowers on them. Some of the games isolate the skill of color recognition while other games require color recognition in conjunction with other skills. 

Motor Skills – Hopping, catching, tossing, you name it: there are lots of opportunities for practicing motor skills in these games.photo 1 (35)

Listening – While several of the games require listening skills, my favorite happens to be Leaping Frogs. In this game, an adult names a color then throws two frogs. The learner has to catch only the frog of the named color. It’s a great preschool activity, or a fun way to practice color identification and listening skills for older learners who enjoy playing catch.

Memory – The game Pond Patterns requires all players to remember which lily pad each frog is placed upon. It also includes instructions for differentiating play.

Peer play – There are three reasons this is a great game for peer or sibling play. First, it’s easy to differentiate most of the games so you can play simultaneously with children who are on different skill levels. Second, because most of the games are active, children of different ages also enjoy a lot of the games included in the instruction manual. Finally, many of the games are pretty silly. I’ve found that silly activities go a long way in getting kids interacting with one another. 

Pros: I love that Funny Frog Games includes materials instructions for ten different games. It makes it possible for me to use the materials with so many children of varying skill levels, ages, and interests. 

Cons: None. The variety afforded by this set of games allows me to pick and choose the activities that are best-suited for each individual.

Cost: $34.99 You should invest in this game if: you are seeking structured activities that involve movement, looking for fun ways to practice visual perception and listening skills, or looking for activities that a wide range of learners can participate in simultaneously.

ABLLS: A9, A10, B20, C38, K14, Y5, Y8

VB-MAPP: Classroom Routines and Group Skills 12

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