Teach Through Games: Connexio

Teach Through Games: Connexio

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary

Description: Connexio is one of my favorite games to teach with, and it directly links to many of the target skills of my students! In this game, each player has several game pieces, which each have an item pictured on them. The gameboard has white circles on it, in which players can plae their game pieces. Each white circle is connected by a dotted line to one or more other circles on the board pictured below.) The player must choose one of his game pieces to place on the gameboard, but it has to be somehow related to any game pieces already placed on the board that connect to his game piece. It’s a simple premise that can, at times, be quite challenging.

The gameboard after all spaces have been filled. Can you see ways in which the pictures connect?

The gameboard after all spaces have been filled. Can you see ways in which the pictures connect?

And like many of the games I enjoy with my students, it allows for you to be as serious or silly as you wish to be! It’s also worth mentioning that Connexio is made by Leafcutter Designs, the same company that makes Phenomenonsense, another favorite game of mine!

Skills & Modifications: The primary way that I modify this game is by stacking the deck. I remove the pictures that I know may be challenging for some students. For other students I remove the pictures altogether, instead using common objects they have in their home or school.

Feature/Function/Class/Category – Connexio requires learners to identify and compare the feature, function, and class/category of different items. Your learner must be able to do this for several items before being able to enjoy this game. However, this game is a great way to test for generalization and to maintain skills that have already been mastered. The double-sided gameboard allows for increasing difficulty as well.


Double-sided gameboard for two levels of play.

Expressive Language – A big part of this game is discussing how to items are related. Your learner(s) must be able to explain their reasoning. You may want to provide textual prompts for some learners, such as “The ______ and the ______ both have ______.”

Peer Play – I love that Connexio includes instructions for cooperative play and competitive play. It offers lots of opportunities to tailor the game to meet the social skills you are targeting with your learner. It’s also easy to play the game with learners of widely varied skill levels. 

Pros: I really appreciate that the game includes instructoins for both competitive and cooperative play. I also love that the images in the game are simple images on a white background. This is great for working with young learners with autism. 

Cons: None!

Extending the Lesson – Remove the gameboard. Put all the game pieces in the bag. Have the learner pick a game piece, look at the picture, the name any item they can think of that has something in common with it. You can target the practice by requiring the learner to only name items with the same function, or you can challenge the learner to come up with as many similar items as possible. It’s a fun way to practice, and many young learners enjoy picking an item out of a bag. (If only motivation were alway so simple!)

Cost: $21.75  You should invest in this game if: you are an elementary teacher, you are seeking games to help your learner practice the skills listed above, or you are looking for a fun game players of multiple skill levels can enjoy together. 

ABLLS: C37, C38, C39, C48, C49, G14, G15, G16, G17, G24, G25, G27, H14, H15, H16, H17, H18, K15, L19, L20

VB-MAPP: Tact 11, Tact 13, VP-MTS 14

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