Mand List #2 – Marble Runs

Mand List #2 – Marble Runs

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Mand List! Each Friday I post a list of potential mands (or requests) you could teach a learner during a specific play activity. This week we’re taking a look at one of my all time favorite toys, the marble run. Many of the learners I work with are highly motivated by marble runs, and there are lots of different types. For more information on teaching with marble runs, click here.

MAND LIST (what the child says is in quotation marks)

  1.  “marble run”
  2. “ball” or “marble (depending on their articulation skills)transparent-marble-run
  3. “drop” or “drop it” or “drop the marble”
  4. “track” or “chute”
  5. “windmill” (depending on what parts are included in your marble run)
  6. “base”
  7. “botom”
  8. “blue chute” or naming other parts by color
  9. “push it” or push the “lever” (you say the first part and the student fills in the last word) or “push the lever”
  10. “put it here/on top/on the blue tube”
  11. “one marble” or “two marbles” or any other number
  12. “build” or “build it”
  13. “taller” or “make it taller”
  14. “take it apart”
  15. “move that piece here” or “move the tube there”
  16. “Where’s the tube?” or “Do you have more tubes?”
marblerunparts (1)

Each marble run set is different. You should name each part, teach the names to your student. Consider the articulation skills of your learner when choosing names. For example, some students can say chute, but not track.


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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog from twitter. I love it! It is full of lots of great ideas and am very happy to see it is similar to a lot of different things I have done over the years (which lets me know I am on the right track!)

    I love the marble run game too, and you’ve given me some more ideas to use during play now as well. (Plus all the other games and activities – there is so much to read on your blog!)