Teach Through Games: No Speed Limit

Teach Through Games: No Speed Limit

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary 

Description: No Speed Limit is a race to the finish to match all of your cards. While the concept is simple, it’s more challenging than it first appears. There are three levels of play, so it’s easy to make the game meet your learner’s current skill level. After choosing which level you’ll be playing, place one tile face up in the middle of the playing area, then divide the rest of the tiles equally between all players. One player says “No speed limit!” and then everyone turn all their tiles over and match them as quickly as possible to tiles in the center. 

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Skills & Modifications: The game is set at three specific levels, one in which you play with a field of 49 tiles, one in which you play with 25 tiles, and one in which you play with 9 tiles. If your learner is not yet ready to play with 9 tiles, you can place 1 tile in the center, then give them 3 tiles to use to find a match. 


Scanning/Seek & Find – Players must be able to scan their own cards and the cards in the center. Once your learner has mastered basic scanning skills, this is a great game to encourage growth in scanning skills because the cards in the center are consistently being added to. One of the things I love about this game is that it provides three levels of play for seeking pictures.

Matching – No Speed Limit requires players to match quickly. Depending on the placement of the cards, players may have to match their cards to pictures that are upside down or sideways.

Playing with Speed – For learners who struggle with playing with speed, this may be a great option for them because it requires quick play for simple skills. 

Pros: Playing time is quick and learners of varying skill levels can play with one another. 

Cons: None.

nospeedlimitCost: $11.99  You should invest in this game if: you are seeking games to practice matching and scanning skills, looking for activities for siblings or peers of varying skill levels to play together, or seeking games with a short duration. 

ABLLS: A10, B5, B7


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