Teach Through Games: Pengoloo

Teach Through Games: Pengoloo

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary

Description: Pengoloo is a whole new take on memory games. In this game, all the penguins are set up in the middle of the playing area, and under each penguin is a different colored egg. Players take turns rolling the dice, then looking to see if they can find the eggs under the penguins with the matching colors.

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Skills & Modifications: One of my favorite things about this game is that you can play it with young kids, but it’s also appropriate for learners who are older but need practice with low-level skills. There is no need to modify the game to practice the skills listed below, but it should be noted that the game instructions include additional options for making the game more challengins so the game grows along with the child’s skills.

Memory – This is a fantastic game for encouraging kids to practice memory skills. Many of my students are motivated by the unique hide-and-seek aspect of the game. One of the suggestions the game instructions include is the possiblilty to search for eggs under the penguins in the center of the table and under the penguins on opponents’ iceberg scoring boards. This means that learners must remember what eggs are in the center and what eggs their opponents have found.

Matching/Color Recognition – For learners who have mastered basic matching skills, this is a great way to increase the difficulty while maintaining interest. 

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Accepting Mistakes/Errors – If the learner is unable to find a match and demonstrates maladaptive behavior, this may be a good game for practicing appopriate responses because there is a short latency between turns.

Peer Play/Taking Turns – This is a great choice for peer play because players benefit from attending to each others’ turns. 

Strategy – If you choose to include game options to make the game more challenging, there are opportunities to teach your learner(s) about thinking ahead and using strategy.

Extending the Lesson: Take a look at my pinterest board for DIY Memory & Matching Games. 

Pros: It is especially good for learners who need practice with memory or are highly motivated by memory games, but struggle with manipulating cards. The materials are all very high quality.

Cons: The only con is that there are a lot of pieces, so if you have a learner who frequently loses pieces this may not be the best choice for you.

pengoloo_blueorange_500x500Cost: $24.99 You should invest in this game if: you are seeking games that will appeal to a range of elementary-aged learners, you are looking for fun ways to teach low-level skills, or you have a learner who is highly-motivated by memory games. 

ABLLS: A10, B3, G13, K15

VB-MAPP: VP-MTS 7, Tact 11

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