Teach Through Games: Color Clash

Teach Through Games: Color Clash

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Description: The goal of Color Clash is to collect the most tiles by matching them along three different attributes: picture, word, and color. While the goal is always the same, Blue Orange has included instructions for EIGHT (!!!) different variations of play, which makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to use the materials in a way that is motivating for your learner. Moreover, two of the games are designed for one player, which is fantastic if you are seeking independent leisure activities for learners with autism.

Skills & Modifications: Because the instructions for Color Clash include rules for so many different variations of the game, it is not necessary to modify the game. Instead, choose the variation that is most appropriate for your learner’s skill level and motivation. For some games, you may choose to reduce the number of tiles visible within the field of play.

Matching – Color Clash is more complex than most matching games and would not be recommended for learners who struggle with the skill. It requires the ability to match across attributes: picture, word, and color (see picture below.) This is a great game for maintaining higher-level matching skills in a fun way.

Each Clash Tile has three attributes: picture, word, and color. This allows for variety and complexity with matching.

Each Clash Tile has three attributes: picture, word, and color. This allows for variety and complexity with matching.

Quick Responding/Playing with Speed – Many of the games require players to play quickly, and speed is essential because everyone is playing simultaneously. If your learner loves matching and/or visual activities, this may be a great way to practice playing games with speed.

Independent Play – As aforementioned, two of the games included in the instructions are designed for one player. This is a great option of teaching structured use of leisure time if your learner is motivated by the materials. If your child uses an activity schedule, Color Clash could easily be added to the schedule for either independent play or for inviting peers/family members to play.

Pros: You can play Color Clash with 1-8 players, meaning it can be used for independent leisure skills as well as for a group activity for family game night or in place of recess on rainy days. The materials are also durable.

Cons: This game is more challenging than it first appears. Be sure to try it out on your own before deciding if it is appropriate for your learner!

colorclashCost: $14.99 You should invest in this game if: you have a learner who is highly motivated by visual activities, you are seeking independent activities for leisure time, or you are looking for accessible games for family game night.

ABLLS: A10, B7, K15

Color Clash was provided to me for free by the company Blue Orange to write about here. This did not influence my opinions on the toy. The thoughts and ideas above are all my own.

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