Teach Through Games: Super Genius

Teach Through Games: Super Genius

Age level: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Description: Super Genius is a fantastic new set of games Blue Orange released this year. Gameplay is quite similar to Spot It, a favorite of my students and my family. Super Genius allows for more academic practice, with give different games including Addition, Multiplication, First Words, Reading 1, and Reading 2. Each deck is a matching game that can be played in multiple ways.



Each deck contains two different types of cards. For instance, the “First Words” deck include picture cards and word cards, so a match consists of finding the word that matches with a picture on the other card. With the math decks, you’ll find addend and sum cards in the addition deck and factor and product cards in the multiplication deck.

Skills & Modifications: I have had huge success using these cards with my students with autism. First, it is relatively easy to find the appropriate deck for your learner. Second, instructions for a multitude of games are included in each deck, increasing the likelihood that you’ll find an activity that is motivating for your learner and allows you to practice these essential skills. Finally, many of my older students are still working on basic math and reading skills. These cards allow for practice in a way that is motivating for older students. It’s rare to find this and I am deeply appreciative of Blue Orange for providing high interest, low level materials.

Addition/Multiplication – Currently there are two decks that focus on math. Addition focuses on basic addition problems using digits from 1 to 20. Multiplication 1 (hopefully additional decks will come soon!) focuses on single unit multiplication equations (from 2 to 5.)


Can you find the match?

Reading – There are three different reading decks right now: First Words, Reading 1, and Reading 2. First Words focuses on basic consonant-vowel-consonant words, while Reading 1 and Reading 2 focus on words from the Dolch list of most common sight words. I particularly love the reading decks because many of my students with autism read fluently but struggle with comprehension. This game offers a simple way to practice comprehension.


Pros: Learning how to play Super Genius is relatively simple and opens opportunities to practice basic skills. I also love that during gameplay my learners get far more practice with math than they might have just by doing a worksheet, and they’re having fun while doing it!

Cons: No cons. Super Genius is a simple, fun, and useful game.

Cost: $12.99 You should invest in this game if: you are seeking high-interest low-level materials for a special education classroom, looking for fun ways to practice basic math or reading skills, or seeking games for family game night that can be enjoyed by children of different ages.

ABLLS: Q5, Q10
VB-MAPP: Reading 15

Super Genius was provided to me for free by the company Blue Orange to write about here. This did not influence my opinions on the game. The thoughts and ideas above are all my own.

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