Teach Through Apps: Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Teach Through Apps: Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

One of my favorite companies, Tiggly, has teamed with up with Sesame Street to create a fantastic app for young readers. I’ve written about Tiggly Words before, and the same interactive letter toys my students love can be used on this app as well. Now add Cookie Monster into the mix, and you’ve got one great app!

You can see how the Alphabet Kitchen (which will be released Nov 26th) works:

Many of my students with autism, like their peers, are highly motivated by the iPad. I love the addition of the interactive letters because it allows for more peer play, opportunities to mind (or make requests), and interaction with others. Furthermore, it makes it easier for me to modify the activity to some extent because I can make fewer letters available for them. This app really does one thing, but it does it very well. There are multiple levels, and the game does work from basic CVC words up to four-letter words. The only drawback is that, at this point, you are unable to select the playing level for your learner.

After creating several CVC words, the app will start mixing in four-letter words.

After your learner creates several CVC words, the app will start mixing in four-letter words.


Another aspect of the app that I enjoy is the error correction when the learner places a letter creating a nonsense word. Many apps out there use some unique sound or visual to indicate an error. Oftentimes my learners with autism love these sounds or visuals and begin making errors intentionally. On this app, if a nonsense word is created, Cookie Monster makes a silly comment (such as “Pog. Pop? That sounds like sneeze.”) then erases the word and tells the learner to try again. What’s great about this is that the correction is quick, and all of Cookie  Monsters reactions happen in other parts of the app as well. You don’t have to make an error for Cookie Monster to be silly.Each time the learner creates a word, Cookie Monster makes a cookie representing the word. After the learner has made four words, Cookie Monster reviews the words, eating the cookies as he goes along.

Cookie Monster waiting somewhat impatiently for you to serve him a cookie.

Cookie Monster waiting somewhat impatiently for you to serve him a cookie.

If you read my blog often, you know that I love any opportunity to be silly with my young learners. This app offers lots of chances to be playful and giggle with your learner. It also should be noted here that you don’t have to have the interactive toys to play the app, so don’t let that stop your learner from cooking something up in Alphabet Kitchen!

ABLLS: A10, B5, Q3, Q7, Q8, Q9, T1, T2


Tiggly Words was provided to me for free by the company Kidtellect to write about here. This did not influence my opinions on the toy. The thoughts and ideas above are all my own.


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