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C – Receptive Language

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C5 – Follow instructions to touch common item C6 – Follow instructions to do enjoyable activity C8 – Follow instructions to give named object C9 – Follow instruction to do simple motor action C10 – Follow instruction to touch item vs. distractor C16 – Select one of six or more objects on table C17 – Select one of six or more pictures on table C19 – Fluent receptive identification C20 – Can select using varied instructions C21 – Point to body parts on other or pictures C23 – Touches parts of items C24 – Select between items similar except one attribute C27– Follow an instruction to go to a person C30 – Follow an instruction to go to a person and do an action C33 – Multiple actions with an object C34 – Demonstrate a pretend action C37 – Select by function C38 – Select by feature C39 – Select by class C41 – Select two items in sequence from larger set C43– Locate objects in larger picture   C44 – Locate objects from parts of objects in picture C45 – Select common sounds C46 – Select all examples of an item C47 – Select item with two characteristics C48 – Select set of items with 1 characteristic C49 – Select...

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Teach Through Games: Build A Robot Comments Off on Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

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This game contains four puzzles that create robots. Each body part is numbered 1-5 and each robot has a tool (such as a hammer.) There is a spinner with 1-5 and tool as choices. Kids are trying to build their robot the fastest, based on what body part they land on with the spinner each turn.

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