Imitation Skills

Teach Through Toys: Quercetti Super Saxoflute 0

Teach Through Toys: Quercetti Super Saxoflute

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Adjectives, Alike and Different, Block Imitation, Color recognition, Compare and Contrast, Expressive Language, Imitation Skills, Peer Play, Scanning

This construction set includes mouthpieces, twisting tubes, and trumpet ends to allow learners to create their own instruments. It is popular with both my preschool and early elementary school students. It’s also a great toy for facilitating parallel play and peer/sibling interaction.

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Teach Through Games:  Roll & Play 0

Teach Through Games: Roll & Play

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Animal Sounds, Body Parts Identification, Color recognition, Counting, Identifying Emotions, Imitation Skills, Manding (Making requests), Matching, Motor Skills, One-Step Directions, Picture Comprehension, Sorting

In this game, toddlers can roll a giant colored die, then pick up a card that matches the color the die landed on. Each color is a category, such as counting, colors, or animals. For example, if the die lands on green, the child will pick up a green card (category:animals), they will see a picture of a lion, and underneath the picture it will say “ROAR like a lion.”

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