Teach Through Games: Monkey Math Comments Off on Teach Through Games: Monkey Math

Teach Through Games: Monkey Math

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Addition, Algebraic Thinking, Comparing numbers, Counting, Matching, Number Identification, Number order, Shape Identification, Sorting

This game is designed to teach early learners basic math skills using a scale, but instead of your regular old boring scale, this scale is a monkey. And instead of placing any old items on the scale, learners are able to place bananas on the monkey’s outstretched arms.

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Teach Through Toys: Parachutes 1

Teach Through Toys: Parachutes

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Adjectives, Body Parts Identification, Comparisons, Expressive Language, Manding (Making requests), Quick Responding, Requesting Attention, Song Fill-In, Sorting

I still remember how excited I would be when the teacher brought out a parachute during elementary school. Even now, I can’t exactly identify what it is about a parachute that draws children in, but I have found that it almost always works even for my most difficult to motivate students.

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Teach Through Games: Build A Robot Comments Off on Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

Teach Through Games: Build A Robot

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Accepting Losing Your Turn, Alike and Different, Body Parts Identification, Feature, Function, Sorting

This game contains four puzzles that create robots. Each body part is numbered 1-5 and each robot has a tool (such as a hammer.) There is a spinner with 1-5 and tool as choices. Kids are trying to build their robot the fastest, based on what body part they land on with the spinner each turn.

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