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gamephotoMany educators struggle to find motivating items for students with autism. Through ten years of experience and teaching well over 400 students, I have a unique ability to help teachers learn how to find motivating materials. My mission with this site is to help educators understand how to thoughtfully integrate games, toys, and technology for students with autism and other developmental delays. On rare occasions I will feature materials that are specifically designed for learners with special needs, but the primary focus is to utilize mainstream games, apps, and books to teach skills and provide more opportunities for social interactions with peers and siblings. 

This is also not a traditional review site. Everything featured on this site is stuff that I actually use with my students. You won’t find negative reviews or information about materials that I couldn’t successfully use.


Who is Sam Blanco? – More information on my background and why I think games and play are so important in educating all  students.


REVIEWS: Do you want your game or app reviewed? Click here for my review policy.



Using the Blog – Explains the different search functions for educators or parents seeking resources for specific skills or based on common assessments.

Tips for Success – Common tips I frequently give to parents or educators.

Modifying Games – Five rules for successfully modifying games.

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