ABA therapy – Therapy sessions typically take place in the home or school environment. My students receive ABA therapy 2-6 days per week, with each session lasting 1-3 hours. ABA therapy includes assessment, a written program tailored for your child’s needs, and data recording progress for each session. I provide ABA therapy for children ages 3-12 who are located in the New York City area.

Assessment – Private assessment can be provided for learners aged 18months to 21 years of age. For learners under the age of 5, I can provide the DAYC-2 to give indicators of skill level in the following domains: Cognitive, Communication, Physical Development, Social-Emotional Development, and Adaptive Behavior.

For learners struggling with functional verbal behavior, I can assess using the VB-MAPP, a criterion-referenced assessment specifically designed for learners with autism and other developmental delays.

For learners aged 2 through adulthood, I can assess using the Assessment of Functional Living Skills to provide guidance on the skills that should be prioritized to help the learner live as independently as possible. All assessments a comprehensive written report of the learner’s results as well as suggestions for working towards skill acquisition.

Family Training – I currently provide parent and/or sibling training for many families. This may include working on play skills, addressing safety issues for the learner with autism, helping with daily living skills, and much more. Family training is directed by the family and focused on presenting reasonable goals to help improve the lives of everyone in the home.

If you are interested in a service that is not listed here, feel free to contact me. I may be able to assist you, and if I’m not I will be able to provide a referral for a professional who is skilled in your area of need.

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