Choosing Games

I am frequently asked how I choose the games I buy. Below are some things I consider when I am looking at games and activities.

  • The first thing I’m thinking about is the range of students I can play a game with, which means that there must be multiple ways to play a game or multiple ways to modify it so that the money I’m spending goes as far as possible.
  • An important aspect for considering modifications are the actual materials contained within the game. A great example is the Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game. It has chips with letters on them, which I can use independent of the game for a variety of activities. It also has a large, durable letter mat that can be used independent of the game. These materials automatically increase the value of the game for me, because I can use it for a variety of students and skills. Or, if you are buying this for your family, you can make use of the materials for a variety of activities as your child grows.
  • The second thing I’m looking for is a hook. Is there a natural hook that is going to make kids interested in the game, or am I going to have to work to make it motivating.
  • Due to the nature of my job, another thing I’m thinking about is how easy it is for me to travel with the game. Therefore, I tend to find games that are lightweight and/or small.
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