The games closet in my office.


To help educators understand how to thoughtfully integrate games, toys, and technology for students with autism and other developmental delays. This will be accomplished by:

  • making it possible for teachers to easily find games, apps, toys, and books that are appropriate for their students in relation to age, the skill being taught and formal assessment.
  • providing workshops for educators about using games, toys, and iPads to improve student motivation and increase rate of skill acquisition.
  • teaching educators the basic concepts regarding modifying games and toys to meet their students’ needs.
  • helping educators recognize the value of games, toys, and apps in special education.
  • bringing joy into what is sometimes viewed as a rigid teaching methodology.

What sets Sam Blanco apart?

  • Many educators struggle to find motivating items for students with autism. Through ten years of experience and teaching well over 400 students, I have a unique ability to help teachers learn how to find motivating materials.
  • Many educators get so caught up in the necessity of data collection and the high expectations for student progress that they forget to PLAY. I have organized resources in a way that is easy to use and directly connects to data collection and increasing student progress.
  • At this point in time, there are many resources available about games for children, using games for speech, and finding educational games and apps. However, none of these are currently linked directly to the population of students with autism and other delays, nor are they linked directly to data collection. Some companies do this for their own products, but there is not one location educators can go to find resources on this level for a variety of ages and skill sets.


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